Figurative Chicken Wire Sculptures

Galvanized wire mesh

suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Custom work available

"Hope"  36" x 36" x 48"

One of my white doves was recently lost to a hawk. She left her baby behind. I am raising the baby who Aurora has named Hope, . It got me thinking of the optimism required for getting through these days.

"Bread and Roses"  68" x 36" x 48"

I had some fun with this one. It was commissioned by labour organizer who fought for equal pay in the unions for women back in the 80s and 90s. The sculpture is in recognition of an era of a movement of special women, the feminist activists of the 80’s and 90’s, and to the many women that have been influential in his life. I've embedded a number of symbols. She's looking to the left and has her weight on the left foot (his leftist politics). She has a 'Rosie the Riveter' headband on. Her belt is embroidered with a sheaf of wheat and roses (the suffragette anthem 'Bread and Roses') She has a money pouch on her belt (financial independence) and she's holding a gazing ball (she's got the whole world in her hand)

right side.jpg
left side.jpg
back right.jpg

'Csaba'  wirehaired Vizsla  24"  28" x  74"   

Commission piece for private collection in Austria

'Big Buffy'  27"  28" x   42"   

Commission piece for Lubbock Texas hotel

'Hattie'   7'-0" to top of hat
'Banner'  5' to top of head, 7'-6" to top of pole
private collection in Austria
'Francis'  5'-5 to top of head
private collection in Austria
'Wade'  6'-6" from top of umbrella
'Wade'     7' overall

Custom dogs from photos.  Great memorial pieces for the garden

Aluminum Mesh

Optional finishes.

Fabric, Plaster, Paint, Concrete

Wire mesh base 


I love working in 3d.  I have worked with clay, fabric, wool and wire and whatever I can get my hands on.  I enjoy the challenge of custom requests.


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Two day weekend workshops at the Cathouse Gallery in Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island.
Learn the basics of wire construction. Your choice of subject. No experience necessary.
For more info on the workshops click HERE
View the recent gallery show 
23 sculptures by recent workshop graduates
Those pesky little garden fairies
check here for GARDEN FAIRY KITS
Styrofoam Block  Hot Wire Carving
Cat Sculptures -
at the Comfy Cat Kennel, and Cathouse Gallery
1/2" wire mesh painted white


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